Plan - Event Management

TroopTrack is the software used by Pack 114 to manage the pack.  Using the Calendar in TroopTrack is the most commonly used section of TroopTrack.  

1.  Click on Plan Badge and you will see the calendar.

2.  Click on a colored event and it will open a pop-up screen.  Click on Details.

3.  The Event Details screen shows 4 sections, Description, Details, RSVP, and Who's Invited.

4.  The Description is completed by the event organizer.  The information it contain may vary.  Details contained in this area will most likely be helpful if not critical for having a successful event.

5.  The RSVP section is critical for successful execution of the event.  For some events it will be mandatory while other events it will be critical to register for the event by selecting the status of you and your cub scout for the event as shown below.

a.  Click on Change for each Member listed.  As access to the Household, you will see every individual listed in your household.

b.  Click on the pull appropriate pull down (Red Arrows) for each member to select either Going or Not Going as indicated by the Green Arrows.  Be sure to click on the Save button for each member (Gold Arrow).

c.  You can indicate if a guest would be coming to the event by pulling down on the appropriate menu item and selecting the number of guests coming.  Generally guests are welcomed to all events, however, there may be events where guests might require special permission/procedures to attend.

6.  The Details section provides time, date, location, and additional information about the event.  Some events may have fees or require a Tour Plan.  Event Coordinators should be contacted for additional questions about the event.

7.  Who's Invited helps show who has responded and who hasn't.