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2018 Rechartering

posted Sep 14, 2017, 12:34 PM by Abdul Rashid Abdullah   [ updated Sep 14, 2017, 1:52 PM ]

We are coming upon the 2018 Rechartering season. We must complete all of the paperwork and turn-in all fees by October 31, 2017. We need everyone's cooperation. Here is what to expect:

  • Cost (The Bottom Line Up Front)
 Item Fee Money Goes to:
 Membership (Each Youth/Adult) $33 BSA National
 Insurance (Each Youth/Adult) $6 National Capital Area Council
 Boy's Life Subscription (1 Per Family) $12 BSA National
 Pack Dues (Each Youth) $69 Pack 114
 Online Payment Processing Fee $4 PayPal

Based on the Fee Schedule above, this is what you would expect depending on the individual:

    • First Youth in Cub Scout Program - $120
    • Second Youth in Cub Scout Program - $108
    • Each Registered Parent in Cub Scout Program - $39
Additionally, we have a few other administrative items to make sure we are good on:
  • Youth Protection Training for Leaders - If your training will expire prior to August, 2018, we are asking that you renew your YPT now. If the expiration date of your training is prior to January 31, 2018, we will not be able to recharter you and will be dropped as a leader. Training is available online at
  • Youth Protection Training for Parents - Although BSA doesn't currently require parents to take Youth Protection Training, Pack 114 policy is that we will follow the same rules as we do for parents as we do for leaders. Consequently, if your YPT training is not up to date for at least one parent in the family, we will not recharter your son(s). We take safety seriously in Pack 114. Training is available online at
  • Annual Health Medical Form - We must receive an updated copy of this form every year. Please fill-it out using the PDF Fillable form to make it legible. We only needs Parts A & B. You do NOT need to see a physician to complete this form. Part C which requires a physician, will be needed if you and/or your son goes to Resident Summer Camp. If we receive the medical form and it isn't legible, we will refuse it. We recommend that you keep a copy for yourself. For more information, please see the Health and Safety page at  

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is a charter?  In the BSA, a charter authorizes an organization to operate BSA Scouting units. It certifies the agreement between a chartered organization – an organization that agrees to utilize Scouting as a part of its service to youth– and the Boy Scouts of America, setting expectations for the quality of program to be delivered. Issuing a charter is one of the oldest traditions in Scouting.
  2. Why is a charter renewed annually?  Charters are usually issued for a period of 1 year; hence, chartered organizations must submit an application to the Council annually to renew its charter. The requirement to renew a charter:
    • Fosters a formal, timely plan for regular dialogue between charter organization and BSA, and
    • Assures membership is current so Scouts can participate in Scouting activities and advance in rank.
  3. What do Membership Fees cover? Membership fees support the services that are necessary to provide Scouting programs to a growing number of youth. Services include ongoing advances in technology, council visits to assist in fundraising, program development and membership campaigns, liability insurance costs, and administrative costs. It is important that we continue to maintain a strong financial position in the future to support and grow Scouting. For more information, visit
  4. What does Insurance Fees cover? This covers primary general liability, and secondary accident and sickness coverage at all unit, district, and council events. For more information, visit
  5. What do Pack dues cover? The Pack has operating costs. We try to recuperate some of those costs up front as well as facilitate some of the necessary items you will need to help us carry out a successful program. Everyone paying dues for their son will get a T-Shirt, a Handbook, and a Neckerchief. We will work together on creating our own neckerchief slide. Dues will also help cover SOME of the costs to hand out awards. We will still need to fund raise and charge fees for other events. The more we fund raise, the less we will need to charge for events.
  6. What is the online Payment Processing Fee and do I need to pay it? If you pay online, our Merchant Account provider charges us some fees. It is a percentage of the overall amount of what is being collected. To make it simple for ourselves, we are simply charging a flat rate to help recuperate those costs so that we can still have enough money to cover the costs of running the pack. However, if you would like to pay by check or by cash, we can accommodate that during regularly scheduled meetings/events. We will provide you with a receipt. All cash/check payments must be handed over to either our Treasurer (Norlidah) or Committee Chair (Zohra). No one else will be accepting payments. For scheduling reasons, we will not be accepting payments/paperwork outside scheduled times. If you weren't able to make a payment in person via cash/check, you can submit payment online, or if there is enough time available, you can mail it to our UNIT mailing address. Please contact us for that information. DO NOT MAIL anything to the Islamic Center of Northern Virginia. It is NOT guaranteed we will receive that mail.